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Students Connected Through International Service (SCTIS)

For fifteen years, Osseo Area Schools has partnered with Sasabe Elementary School in Sonora, Mexico. Six fifth grade students, Abibatu Seasy (EB), Aaron Xiong (PB), Cora Mcleod (BW), Isabella Enohnyaket (EB), Max Roemer (BW), and Olive Keuttner (EC) were able to meet their pen pals and learn about a different culture. 

Students Connecting Through International Service provides elementary students in Osseo Area Schools with an opportunity to give back to their peers in Sasabe, Mexico. Each year since 2006, Tammie Epley, former Osseo School Board member, has partnered with several fifth-graders in the district who help raise money to purchase school supplies for the Sasabe students. In addition to honing their public speaking and writing skills, this opportunity allows Osseo students to contribute to the greater global community. The experience culminates in the spring with the fifth-grade representatives taking a trip to distribute the supplies and then returning home to recap their experiences for classmates, school board members and community partners.

These student representatives visited the Sonora Desert Museum, a grocery store, and participated in an International Children’s Day celebration with more than 150 guests. They participated in activities to expand their worldviews. 

“It really was a privilege for me to travel with this group of student leaders. Our students are excellent ambassadors of our respective elementary schools and our school system, and they are well on to their way to becoming contributing global citizens,” said Steven Schwartz, Basswood Elementary principal.