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Edinbrook Elementary School hosts fall AVID event

Edinbrook Elementary School hosts fall AVID event

Edinbrook Elementary School hosted a family engagement event on Sept. 27 to introduce families and caregivers to the school’s AVID program, or Advancements via Individual Determination.

Classroom teachers invited parents/caregivers into classrooms for the first part of the event, where they could learn more about how AVID works in their scholar’s classroom, how the classroom begins its day, and other classroom-specific details about their daily routine.

Then, while scholars continued their educational day, parents/caregivers met in the school’s cafeteria for coffee, doughnuts and information about AVID from the school-level perspective. 

Edinbrook’s principal Aaron Krueger and AVID coordinator Kristin Pengra-Anderson took turns sharing information about how AVID works at the school, including information on the program goals, positive behavior reinforcement programs and more. 

principal Aaron Krueger speaks with parents in the cafeteria about AVID

AVID is a collaboration-based program that strives to prepare students to meet their post-secondary goals by focusing on creativity and inquiry. AVID strategies are embedded throughout the academic day at Edinbrook, where students receive the same core curriculum as other district elementary schools, but tailored to AVID’s goals: reading and writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, and organization.

Well over 100 parents/caregivers attended the year’s initial event, and the school will host two more AVID events throughout the year.