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Edinbrook Elementary hosts Book Walk event

Edinbrook Elementary hosts Book Walk event

The hallways of Edinbrook Elementary were bustling the evening of Dec. 12 as the school hosted its annual Book Walk event. 

An Edinbrook parent and child pose along the book walk route


Students and their families/caregivers wound throughout the school’s hallways as music played over the loudspeaker, courtesy of principal-turned-DJ Aaron Krueger. When the music stopped, students hurried to the nearest laminated photo of a popular author on the wall, which were placed along the school’s walls and locker banks. 

author signs along the lockers


Principal Krueger then read off the names of a few authors, and any student touching the photo of one of the named authors received a ticket from nearby volunteers. The ticket winners could then exchange their ticket for a free book at the front of the school, where a wide range of options were on display.