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2023 School Bus Safety Poster Contest winners announced for grades 1-6

2023 School Bus Safety Poster Contest winners announced for grades 1-6

For this year’s School Safety Poster Contest, scholars from Osseo Area Schools were charged with designing a poster featuring the phrase “safely rolling to my destination." They delivered an impressive array of posters to choose from. This year’s winners include: 

First grade winners

First place – Maya Voss – Rush Creek Elementary

Second place – Sadie Nelson – Elm Creek Elementary

Third place – Precious Omenya – Rush Creek Elementary


Second grade winners

First place – Harrison Gross – Rush Creek Elementary

Second place – Nityapushta Vignesh – Rush Creek Elementary

Third place – Krish Vijaykarthik – Rush Creek Elementary


Third grade winners

First place – Henley Raak – Rush Creek Elementary

Second place – Whitney Kranz – Ele Creek Elementary

Third place – Charlotte Lee – Weaver Lake Elementary


Fourth grade winners

First place – Cole Turnquist – Weaver Lake Elementary

Second place – Bodee Rebischke – Cedar Island Elementary

Third place - Chioma Osakwe – Weaver Lake Elementary


Fifth grade winners

First place – Ariana Sher – Basswood Elementary

Second place – Andy Vue – Fernbrook Elementary

Third place – Imikan Bassey – Rush Creek Elementary


Sixth grade winners

First place – McKenna Ueland – MGMS

Second place – Jia Saddiq – BMS

Third place – Nolani Yang - BMS

First grader Maya Voss holds up her winning poster
Second grade's first prize winner Harrison Gross holds up his winning poster
third grade bus poster contest winner, Henley Raak, holds up her winning poster
The first and third place poster contest winners from fourth grade hold up their posters
Fifth grader Ariana Sher holds up her winning bus poster contest poster
Sixth grade bus safety poster contest winner poses with her poster