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Edinbrook celebrates AVID with interactive drive-thru event

With elementary students returning to in-person learning, Edinbrook staff found a creative and safe way to blend family engagement, AVID concepts, and other activities in a Feb. 8 drive-thru celebration that was complete with music, refreshments, yard signs and the Edinbrook Scottie itself!

At the core of the celebration was AVID, a schoolwide program at Edinbrook which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. All 508 of the school’s students participate in the program, which prepares them to meet their post-secondary goals by focusing on creativity and inquiry. Edinbrook is the only elementary school in Osseo Area Schools and one of only 77 in the state to offer the program.

Since AVID’s curriculum emphasizes collaboration, it’s most effective when used in an in-person learning environment. “One of the many great things about AVID is that its core strategies of writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading can be a part of our learning whether we are teaching virtually or in person,” says Lindsey Patterson, an academic support instructor at Edinbrook, “but there is something about being gathered around a table together that brings learning to life!”

A staff member waves at a student through a car window
Edinbrook staff members hold a sign that says Lego Challenge
A student smiles out of a car window
A staff member packs bags of food