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Title 1

Providing academic support to help students boost reading and math skills and succeed in the classroom. Title I is a federally funded program that provides instruction for students who need extra academic support. The purpose of the program is to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high quality education. Edinbrook offers a targeted Title I program, which uses Title I funds to serve students.

Targeted Title I Plan, 2024-2025 School Year

This targeted plan is determined by the instructional leadership team with input from stakeholders. These goals are the focus of Edinbrooks Elementary School’s work as a school community.

Goal: Strengthen Tier 2 reading support to increase students’ academic achievement.

Strategies to Achieve the Goal:
● Provide staff development, coaching, and modeling of interventions
● Use data driven decisions to adjust instruction
● Progress monitor academic growth
● Participate in problem solving team

Measuring Our Progress: The number of students in the high risk and some risk categories will decrease by 50% based on the aReading screener by May of 2025.

Family Engagement Plan, 2024-2025 School Year

Edinbrook Elementary School is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every child in this district. We want to establish partnerships with parents and with the community. Everyone gains if school and home work together to support high achievement of our children. We can’t do this job alone. Parents and families play an extremely important role as children’s first teachers. Their support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success at every step along the way. This plan was developed in partnership with families and will be approved on August 20024. Please reach out to Kelli Thorton-Varley at if you have any questions about the opportunities below or want to provide feedback on this plan.

Partnering with Families

We will involve parents in the following tasks:
● Planning and review of the Schoolwide Title I Plan
● Planning and review of the Family Engagement Plan
● Review and revise the Title I Compact
● Planning and review of how we spend our Title I funding.

We will inform families about our Title I program at the Open House at fall conferences. We will share the information on our school website, and virtual meetings will be available throughout the school year.

Shared Responsibilities For High Student Academic Achievement

We will use multiple opportunities and events to share the responsibility of high student academic achievement with our families. This process will begin with our back to school night on August 28, 2024 where we will have information ready to share with families about Title 1 services as they visit the school to begin the year. We will also share information with our families about curriculum and Title 1 services at our fall informational breakfast on September 25, 2024. All of our students who receive services will also meet with the Intervention teacher during our fall conferences October 10, 2024-October 14, 2024. This meeting will allow the teacher to tailor materials and needed support for each individual student. We will continue our partnership with these families at our Literacy Night on January 22, 2025 where they will have the opportunity to further understand our curriculum and engage in activities to increase understanding. There will be an additional meeting with the Intervention teacher at spring conferences the week of January 30, 2025

Communication and Access

We believe all families should have equitable access to information from school.

We will: We will create multiple opportunities and modalities for our families to communicate with the school and specifically their Intervention teacher. Our Intervention teacher will have two 30 minute prep periods to allow for frequent communication with families. The teacher will provide regular progress reports to families to enable more in depth partnership with families. Our modes of communication will include emails, phone calls and Talking Points, which is available in multiple languages.